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Picture of Bill "Bone Daddy" Wall

Bill "Bone Daddy" Wall got into the business by accident. While working on a construction site in Colorado building houses, rather than drive into town for lunch, he began grilling hot dogs, chicken, and...ribs.

Many would think the best barbecue hails from the south, but as many competitions and even national news have picked up on, you don't have to go south. Midland, MI houses a champion barbecue house, where every morsel is cooked with love and a dedication to barbecue.

What makes them so special?

Bone Daddy's cut their own wood (cherry and sugar maple) and normally cures it for three months. Ribs are then dry-rubbed and smoked for five hours, glazed with their homemade barbecue sauce, then placed on a wood-fired grill. ​

The taste test says it all...
Having a rare double win and many other wins (they've competed there since 1990) at the Best of the West Nugget Rib Cook-Off in Nevada - Bone Daddy's knows what goes into the perfect brisket, chicken, or rack of ribs. The Best of the West is hosted at the Nugget, and for Bill & Kimberly Wall, its more than a contest, the Nugget was where they were married in the midst of all the festivities. ​

When on the competition circuit, Wall has a 16-person crew from Michigan. They can cook up to three tons(!) of ribs using two face-cords of nine-month cured cherry and sugar-maple wood. ​

What do they do to make them so good?
Besides the unique approach of curing their own special wood the ribs are first dry-rubbed, pushing flavor into the meat, with a mix of paprika, red pepper, smoked chipotle, salt, onion, a little bit of sugar, and for tenderizing, the secret ingredient: papaya extract.

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