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  • Shipping
    All items are shipped via PRIORITY 2-3 day shipping. We use flat rate boxes; We try to fit as much as we can and use the smallest flat rate box as possible. Packages are shipped typically every Saturday, sometimes sooner, with fastest shipping on days we are open. Priority mail is trackable and since we use PayPal - the entire transaction is tracked via PayPal. More info on PayPal in this FAQ. You can track your package via YOUR PayPal Account as soon as we ship it (Typically every Saturday). Each "kit" (when available) and each "case" is typically sent in a seperate box (each package carefully matched to the corresponding flat rate box).
  • Why PayPal?
    We use PayPal - this way you can use any credit card (you don't even need a PayPal account, you can use it without an account), checking account, or PayPal balance . Plus, when your order is shipped you can track your package via PayPal (most times, customers get emails from PayPal, depends on your settings in PayPal). It's fast, simple, and we never handle your payment info.
  • About our Online Orders
    We used to take orders just over the phone. After years of this, we had typical requests. As we said, if there is something else you want, contact us.
  • My package hasn't arrived...
    We use PayPal and it's a complete system. You should have received an email when we shipped your item (though if not, it is a setting you need to turn on). We use your PayPal transaction to ship your item. So make sure your address is correct in PayPal. If you didn't get an email, or cannot find it, you can always track your order by CLICKING on the transaction in PayPal. ​ Please remember we typically ship on Saturdays. If you need your sauce faster, we may be able to accommodate you. Please call or write, we may be able to help. If your items do not have a tracking number in PayPal within 7 days of ordering, please contact us. As we said, we normally ship on Saturdays.
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