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"Try Me" - I'm Hungry Pack - (2 Sauce & 1 Rub)
  • "Try Me" - I'm Hungry Pack - (2 Sauce & 1 Rub)

    This small kit gives you just a taste of our most popular items: our regular BBQ sauce and dry rub.

    GREAT gift!

    This includes two of our regular barbecue sauce (18 oz. bottle each) and one 6 oz. shaker of our dry rub.


    Shipped in a Priority Flat-Rate Padded Envelope.

    • Shipping Info

      We ship everything via Flat Rate Shipping Boxes. Each "kit" or "case" in our store is meant to fit in one box. When you order more than one kit, we do our best to calculate if it would then fit in a bigger flat rate, but that is not always how it works out. It's why we have our "kits" set up as they are. It is likely if you order multiple kits, etc. that they will be shipped in seperate flat-rate boxes.


      We ship every Saturday; though we do sometimes ship sooner.


      For more information on shipping and the policies you are agreeing to by ordering, click here:

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